How to Look Like Ryan Reynolds in Blade 3

Ryan Reynolds, one of the most famous Hollywood actors, who was in a commendable shape in Blade 3, is desired by many. Most of the people idealise their favourite stars and set them as a benchmark to achieve a particular goal in their life. Reynolds increased his fan following through Blade 3 in a similar fashion, his too defined body and sharp cuts are fantasised by many.

Being part of some of the prominent movies including the Green Lantern, Buried, Safe House and Smokin’ Aces, the man surely looked incredible in Blade 3. Those who desire to look like Reynolds should keep in mind that he was already very lean and fit at the time he chose a rigorous work out for Blade 3. The percentage of fats and carbohydrates in Reynolds’ body was very little and he was in pretty decent form before starting his training for Blade 3.

The second motivational factor for Reynolds was that he was paid a big chunk of money. He was committed to his work out, had a personal trainer and a nutritionist was looking after every drop of water he drank.

In order to chase your dream, you should be determined and have the ability to do the work out for almost three hours a day and eat multiple meals.


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    The foremost important thing in shaping up your body is the diet you take. It is not only the diet you take in but how you take it. Ryan needed to build muscle mass for his body and was not willing to lose weight, therefore, he ate a lot of eggs, used plenty of protein bars, protein shakes. He also increased the use of chicken steaks as he wanted to get rid of the fat and increase his muscle strength. It may sound boring to some but the fact is when you are in love with your body and are willing to do anything to make it look superb, you need to do this.

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    He took no help of steroids but increased the use of supplements along with his eating schedule.

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    He increased the duration of his workout to three hours a day. These hours were a mixture of weight training, fight training and other things he needed to learn to perform various stunts.

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    If you are in good shape then you can skip the cardio, but if the case is otherwise you should blend in the cardio exercises to make your body leaner.

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