How to Tie the Double-Over Shoe Tie

You might have come across many people, who would be the authorities in their respective fields, but when it comes to the simplest of things like tying their shoe laces, they suck. Especially when it comes to tie the double knot, it is really not everybody’s cup of tea.

Imagine how embarrassing it would be for you to tell your kids that you cannot put their shoelaces in order.

A double knot is really useful to deal with the long laces. The sneakers, in particular, come with pretty long laces and you may find them touching the ground even after a single knot.

Things required:

– Shoe Shining/cleaning Kits
– Shoelaces


  • 1

    The first step is to arrange the laces properly in your shoes. Even a little mistake in the beginning could lead to poor result. Now, hold one end of the laces in each hand and cross them to make an X.

  • 2

    After pulling tight, bend one shoelace to half, making one bunny ear. It is the time to wrap the other string around the bunny ear.

  • 3

    After pulling the second one around the folded one, try to make another bunny ear.  Once you get a bow, a single knot has successfully been made.

  • 4

    Things become really simple after making the first knot. Hold one bunny ear in each hand and tie them together just like you did earlier. Now, you will be able to get another two bunny ears that are smaller in size.

  • 5

    This double knot will prevent the shoelaces from getting dirty and getting entangled with your feet. If the shoelaces are too long, you can make another knot by repeating the same procedure. However, it is not recommended, because the third knot turns the shoelaces into a huge mess.

    If the laces are still getting caught or pulled, you can get rid of this mess by tucking the bunny ears in the sides. It may look slightly odd, but there is no better way than this to avoid the trouble.

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