How to Be a Walking Contradiction

Sometimes it is nice to become a walking contraction and it is definitely a way of life. You will be different and you will be unique once you are a walking contradiction and once you are successful enough to become one, people will randomly ask question about you.


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    Wear clothes that do not reflect your personality

    Clothing is something that almost totally reflects your personality, but if you are not wearing the clothes that fit your personality, people will start asking you questions; hence, you will become a walking contradiction. If you are a sporty person, start wearing skinny jeans, and if you are not a sporty person, start wearing baggies.

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    Never wear branded clothes

    Tell others that you love brands, but never wear branded clothes yourself. That will explain others how you tell them to do one thing, but practice something totally different. Keep telling them how brands are something that reflects a person’s true personality, but since you will not be wearing one yourself, it will not be reflecting your personality.

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    Become bi-polar

    Ask people to do something, and do something totally the opposite. Become bi-polar at times and contradict your own self. For example: Tell people how much you hate football, but then again be active in the footballing community and keep supporting a club that you personally like, or the others hate.

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    Wear sunglasses on cloudy days

    One thing that totally distracts people is the fact that someone is wearing sunglasses on a cloudy day. You will be questioned and made fun of, and that is definitely what you need in case you want to be a walking contradiction.

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    Stop wearing socks on Fridays

    Tell people that since it is considered as a holy day in your religion, wearing socks on Fridays is prohibited. In fact, ask them not to wear socks on Fridays as well and make them realize that they are the ones who are wrong.

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    Dye your hair in the opposite colour

    If your current hair is black in colour, you need to dye them blonde. That will raise a lot of questions in the minds of the people. First, you will look totally different to what you originally are; secondly, you will become a walking contradiction as people will question everything that you are doing.

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    Tell others their taste in music is bad

    One thing that really hurts the others is the fact that you tell them that they have a bad taste in music. However, if you tell them that their taste in music is bad, and you yourself start singing the songs they like, you will become a walking contradiction.

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