How to Get the Preppy Look for Guys

Preppy means people who carry decent, exquisite and executive personalities but still they are open for everything. Their outfits are of bright colours, accessories are unique but in good taste.

They have a classic approach to fashion and they are not afraid to introduce their own styles. They are not designer slaves but they do have a unique and quality wardrobe. This look was big in the 80’s. Sometimes, people think that they are arrogant and unapproachable but it is completely wrong. Having the Preppy look does not mean that someone is a snob.


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    Be natural:

    The first thing you should keep in mind is that you should not be following fashion trends blindly. Being preppy does not mean wearing flashy clothes rather the preppy style is made up of quality fabric and decent designs.

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    Purchase your things wisely:

    You must spend money wisely and purchase only those things that look good on you. You must invest in such outfits that come in classic colours as you won’t have to put extra effort to match them.

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    If you are buying accessories like belts, scarf or something else then pick those things that go with your image. Similarly, if you wear glasses then avoid using dark rimmed glasses as they will make you look like a geek. You can find many decent rim-less glasses in the market or you can even consider contacts.

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    Suitable shoes:

    Wearing leather moccasins, top-siders or leather flip flops is classic preppy. Similarly, go for shoes that are appropriate for winter as well.

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    Look fresh and neat:

    You must look fresh and clean as it’s another cornerstone of preppy style. Even if you are trying to follow a popular trend, do not look messed up rather try to give that fashion your own touch.

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    Pick a scent:

    You should pick a nice fragrance and stick to it. Use body wash, after shave body spray and cologne to avoid stinking.

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    Style your hair in natural way:

    Do not do many experiments with your hairstyle. Just be natural and look clean. Moreover, keep your hair trimmed otherwise they will look messy. Use quality hair spray or gel to keep them set and wet.

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    Take care of yourself:

    You must have a perfect body to look preppy so do not ignore your physical appearance. Exfoliate your skin and get toned. Similarly, do some exercise or participate in some sports that can keep you fit.

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