How to Make Your Legs Look Longer

Having slender, long and model-esque legs is the dream of majority women as it enhances your overall look and personality. But, not every woman is born lucky to rule the world with long legs. Anyhow, short legs cannot stop you from dreaming for the ultimate beauty. Although you cannot make changes in your genetics, but there are several simple techniques that you can adopt to make your legs look longer.  So, are you ready to stun your social network with long and sexy legs? Here we go…


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    Wear Short Hemlines

    Short Hemlines easily create the delusion of long legs. Wear a mini skirt or any other short dress, paired with long heels. If you are concerned about winters, then pair your short hemlines with skinny tight and long boots with above-the-knee length.

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    Try tight and shoes of same color

    If you cannot wear short dresses for any reason, then you can pair the longer skirts and dresses with the tight and shoes of SAME COLOR. You will love the way the eyes’ of the people around you travelling all the way down the leg to the floor without any break.

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    Concentrate on your foot wear

    Given below are some common foot wear options to make your legs look longer:

    Platform Boots (also known as disco boots): Not only comfortable to wear but highlight the length of your legs as well. You can pair your platform boots with pant of the same color to get magical results.

    High Heels: The higher the heels of your foot wear – the better results to make your legs long. Visit your nearest shoe store to find huge variety of shoes with high heels.

    Long Boots: Long boots are trendy and drastically add to the overall length of your legs.

    Nude Shoes (also known as cream shoes): Nude shoes means the foot wear according to your skin tone. These are another incredible option to make your legs look longer. They are easy to carry and chic as well.

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    Try High Waists

    Dresses with high waists, even with lengthy hemlines, give a feeling of long legs. High-waisted pants and shorts are also superb idea to enhance the length of your legs. They look good with both heels and flat shoes.

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    Dress in monochromatic outfit

    Putting on clothing with tones, shades and tints of a single color is not only the requirement of modern fashion trend but another superb idea to make your legs look longer.

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    Wear dress with vertical details

    Outfits with perpendicular details also work to make your legs come out longer. Be dressed in pants or hemlines with vertical strips or string of buttons to grab other’s attention, drawing their eyes up and down.

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    Put on a trendy skinny jeans

    Skinny jeans are all time favorite choice to look trendy and make your legs long and attractive. Skinny jeans in dark colors paired with shoes of same color will provide you with unbelievable results.

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