Become a Buckle Bunny

Whether it is Halloween or you are opting to go to a Texas themed bar, becoming a buckle bunny is just the right thing for you. It is easy and if you are into cowboys, you will definitely enjoy it.

The overall things that you will require in order to become a buckle bunny are not a lot. Moreover, carrying the overall look is not difficult either. You will need a simple costume which is easily available at any clothing store which is near your home. A hat, a pair of jeans and a half sleeved collared shirt are the three basic things you will need in order to become a buckle bunny.

Scroll down and learn how you can become a buckle bunny by following the easy step by step guidelines which we have to offer.


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    Buckle bunnies typically dress up in a suggestive manner. This does not mean that you have to wear trashy clothes. Wear clothes that cover you up, but at the same time send out a clear signal. Put on really tight jeans, suggestive tops, fancy boots, etc. You can throw on a jacket and hat, or anything else that you feel like. Just keep in mind that your aim is to come off as someone bold, not a shy lady. Try taking a bit of inspiration from other buckle bunnies, which you are sure to find at bars, rodeos and any other hotspot for cowboys.

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    In order to become a groupie, you need to get close to a cowboy first. This would require you introduce yourself to them first. Do not be shy. Just walk up to them and try to start a conversation. Feel free to flirt, or even better, make sure you flirt. Try to join cowboys at their common hang out places and get to know them better.

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    It is really important for a buckle bunny to make herself stand out from the rest of the crowd. How you accomplish this really depends on you, though buckle bunnies in general depend on bright-coloured clothing and accessories such as a belt with a big buckle to catch the attention of cowboys. You can improvise and come up with some other ways to get yourself noticed, in a positive light of course. You would surely want to avoid wild tactics such as getting drunk and then dancing on top of a table, or swearing loudly.

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    Be sure to travel around, attending rodeo events to cheer on your favourite cowboys during the season.

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    Visit bars, attend after parties, and go to night clubs to have fun with cowboys. They visit these places to release tension and basically relax, which is exactly what you should help them to do. Do not be afraid to get really friendly with them.

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    Ask yourself just how far you want to go and what you want to achieve. Set your limits accordingly. Are you just looking to spend time around cowboys and becoming part of their social circle, or are you looking for something far more intimate? Setting limits will help you to keep things from getting out of hand.

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