How to Clean Out Your Family’s Socks

Socks are an unusual article of clothing as no matter how hard we try to keep them in pairs and organised they always eventually get lost somewhere before or after the laundry is done. Most of the time we end up with a drawer full of socks that don’t match each other and are never used again. This can be a big problem especially if your family is large and space is running out. If you are looking to clean out your family’s socks then there a few simple methods that you can use to help you out.


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    Find socks:

    Finding all of the socks that you want to clean out can be quite challenging. Look under the bed and in all of the drawers or on the closet floor to find these socks. You might even find some of these socks still inside of various shoes like sneakers or work-boots. Remember to keep putting them in the piles as you look around the house for all of these socks.

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    Organise socks:

    Take out all of the old socks from each of your family members drawers and lay them out on the floor. Make two separate categories or piles based on those socks that are not matching and other socks that are just filled with holes and are not worth keeping. Keep these piles separate so that it helps you organise everything.

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    Other uses:

    The pile with socks that has holes can still have many uses. You can use these socks for dusting, checking the oil in a car or many other cleaning purposes. These socks can also be used to make puppets or other crafts for kids. Always remember to keep a few of these socks for other purposes. You can store these socks in a large black plastic bag somewhere in the garage or any place that is not taking up valuable space in the house.

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    The pile of socks that do not match with each other can be donated to a local charity as someone that might be needy really won’t care if his or her socks match. If you live in a cold climate where it snows during the winter, many homeless individuals could use these socks to keep their feet warm during the harsh winter months. These types of socks are good to give away as someone might find some use for them.

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    Throw away:

    If you are not comfortable with donating these socks then you can always throw them out. By doing so, it will reduce the amount of space they are taking up and keep all the other matching socks organised. Put all of the old socks together and place them in a large garbage bag to toss out.

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