How to Care for Sweaters

Sweaters prove to be better friends than dresses. They defy seasons and years and may stay for a long while if taken care of. They are also expensive as compared to dresses and need more care especially when you have to store them for the summers. Your favorite sweater can now be used for a long time if a few steps are followed to care of it. Instead of having to revamp your wardrobe every year, maintain and store your sweaters with care and save up on the budget. Follow our step by step guide and make your sweater last longer.


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    Fold sweaters and place them in the cabinets in your wardrobe instead of hanging. Hanging makes the sleeves loose and misshapen them.

    - If you still want to use a hanger, go for a padded one.

    - Rotate between your sweaters. This prevents any permanent sweat stains and pressure on a particular one.

    - Repair a sweater as soon as it rips. If you let it go, the hole will just get bigger with time. If it is a small one, do it at home. For major ones, take it to the local tailor.

    - Use an infant's comb, an old tooth brush or pumice rock to brush off lint and hair from the sweater.

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    - Follow the washing instructions on the tag. Hand wash your sweaters in soapy water. While washing, soak sweaters of the same colors together. Rinse with clear water. Never wring out the water as it misshapes the fabric. Use a towel to dry out the moisture. Some sweaters can be washed in the machine. Some might have clear instructions about the temperature of the water.

    - The most preferred way to dry a sweater is to dry it flat as if it is on a body. You can use a wire mesh that lets the air circulate and the water escape.

    - You can also avail dry cleaning services for the more expensive ones.

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    - Do not use moth balls to drive away pests. They have a nasty smell that lingers on a for a good while. Use cedar balls or herbal sachets instead.

    - Cardboard boxes are the best places to store sweaters.

    - Do not store a wet sweater. It will attract a nasty mold.

    - Do not store dirty sweaters. Wash them before putting them away. The dirt invites moths and pests.

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    Use specialist services:

    If you think this is too much to do on your own, go to a service shop and repair/dry clean your sweater.

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