How to Make a Sabretooth Costume

If you are a comic book fan, you may have a handy collection of Wolverine, a superhero created by Marvel Comics. Since the release of the new film, the Wolverine fever is at its peak.

The entire story is not all about Wolverine though. It is hard to ignore his arch-enemy, Sabretooth – someone with great muscles and style. Wolverine is a beloved superhero, but there is no shortage of Sabretooth’s fans.

Created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, the character is organically portrayed as a non-powered serial killer. With superhuman abilities such as rapid healing, razor-sharp fangs and claws, and superhuman senses. Sabretooth has managed to make a lot of fans all across the globe.

Wearing his costume on Halloween is great fun. Not only the great looks, but also the charisma of Sabretooth would amaze your Halloween guests. Making this costume is not tough. It needs a bit of effort though.

Things Required:

– Blonde ’80’s’ Wig – Long or Short
– Brown Headband (Optional)
– Fake Blonde Sideburns
– Fake Blonde Eyebrows
– Vampire Fangs
– White/Blonde Fluffy Stole
– Orange/Yellow Jersey/Long Sleeved Top
– Brown Fabric Paint
– Orange/Yellow Tights
– Forearm High Gloves
– Card/Cardboard


  • 1

    First of all, you should get a blonde wig for the hair and face. It can be long or short hair. Now it is the time to get vampire fangs, but before putting them on, you must acquire fake blonde sideburns and eyebrows. Stick them on.

  • 2

    Put a white or blonde fluffy stole around your neck. White can work, but it is better to go with the blonde one in order to add more aggression.

  • 3

    Get an orange or yellow jersey. Just putting it on would not work. Before wearing it, you must paint a thick brown stripe down the middle, front and back. To enhance its originality, you can also paint the back of the shoulders and arms.

  • 4

    Work on your tights. Get orange or yellow tights, making sure the colour matches the top. Before painting brown tiger stripe on each leg, you must paint a thick brown stripe down to the legs, just like the way you did with the arms.

  • 5

    Gloves are also very important. Since the entire costume is brown, you should get forearm high gloves and paint them brown. Again make sure the colour matches the jersey and tights.

    Claws are extremely important, therefore you must glue pointy brown card nails onto the fingers. You costume is ready now.

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