How to Make a Scary Gas Mask

Gas masks are used in perilous situations when you are at risk of inhaling toxic gases or other airborne pollutants. These masks form a sealed cover over the nose, mouth and other vulnerable parts of the face, like eyes, protecting the wearer from inhaling airborne toxic materials. They are also used in construction processes to protect the wearer from welding fumes.

One thing common about the gas masks is that they are simply scary. Despite being scary in their look, they are a must if you want to keep yourself safe at a place where there is a danger of a chemical attack, like riots where tear gas is employed by the police to disband the rioters. While you can easily find a gas mask at your nearest Army surplus store, you can also make a mask of your own by using just a few household items. The best thing about making your own gas mask is that you can customize it according to your preference.


  • 1

    Decide the style

    Decide which style or era of gas mask you want. Human beings have been using gas masks in dangerous situations over the years. Sketch the basic pattern of the mask you want to make.

  • 2

    Base of mask

    Use any old hat or the inside of a helmet to make the base of your gas mask. You can also make your own base using hard straps which fit around your head.

  • 3

    Eye pieces

    For the eye pieces, find anything  transparent, making sure that you can see through the lens clearly. Tint the eyepieces using a car window tint film. Make two short cylinders using a stiff but flexible material, like acrylic or plastic wrap, and use them to provide a cover to your eye pieces. If you fail to find a suitable material for the lenses of your gas mask, substitute them with a pair of goggles.

  • 4

    Mouth piece

    Use another cylinder to make the mouth piece. You can use anything like a painted Styrofoam or plastic cup, a can to make the mouth piece. Affix the mouthpiece to the base of the mask using glue.

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