How to Strip Shoe Polish

There may be various reasons for which you would want to strip shoe polish. But whatever the reason is, stripping shoe polish is a fairly easy task and can be accomplished in a number of different ways. You can choose any method that you think is effective and easy. Here is what you may need in order to strip shoe polish.

Things Required:

– Shaving Cream
– Stiff bristled brush
– Paper towels
– Lighter fluid
– Cotton balls
– Mr. Clean Stain Eraser
– Hot water
– Rough cloth
– Rubbing alcohol
– Steel wool/SOS pads
– Saddle soap
– Damp cloth


  • 1

    Apply a thick layer of shaving cream on the shoe. Set aside the shoe for approximately 5 minutes. In this time, the shaving cream will loosen the polish on the shoe. Brush the shoe with a tiff, bristled brush. To get rid of the excess shaving cream, wipe clean the shoe with clean paper towels.

  • 2

    Prepare a mixture of 1/8 cup lighter fluid and 1/8 cup water. Stir the mixture properly and apply in on the shoe with a cotton ball. Start at the heel of the shoe and work your way around the shoe in small circular motions. Use a new cotton ball dipped in mixture of lighter fluid and water when necessary.

  • 3

    Another technique to strip shoe polish is to wipe clean the shoe with Mr. Clean Stain Eraser. Keep in mind that a couple of passes will remove most of the polish. Instead of doing any good, using too much of the stain eraser will leave the leather damaged.

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    You can strip shoe polish by first melting the polish and then cleaning the leather with a rough piece of cloth. In order to melt the polish, simply sponge hot water on the leather. In order to make sure that all the polish is properly melted, you should sponge the shoe at least a couple of time.

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    Chemically break down the polish by dabbing the shoe with rubbing alcohol and then remove it by scrubbing the leather, either with a steel wool or with SOS pads.

  • 6

    One of the most popular and safest methods is to apply a layer of saddle soap on the shoe and then wipe clean the shoe thoroughly with a piece of damp cloth. However, you may have to apply saddle soap more than once to get rid of all the polish which is why this method may take longer than expected.

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