Right Shoes to Wear With Wide Leg Jeans

Skinny jeans are becoming very popular among young people almost everywhere in the world. However, wide jeans are a lot more versatile and allow you to experiment with your looks. Through wide leg jeans, you can enjoy a vintage feel and they are easy to accessorise.

In order to wear the wide jeans in a more attractive and effective manner, you have to take into account a number of important things, which include the right shoes to wear with them because such styles represent the spirit of 1960’s and 1970’s.


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    Wedge sandals

    Wedge sandals are extremely comfortable and they look great with wide leg jeans. This outfit is very delicate and feminine as most stylish women use them late in the summer. You can accessorise your wide leg jeans and wedge sandals with a floral printed belt and a headband. It is recommended that you wear a stylish chiffon blouse with this outfit.

    Wedge sandals are easily available at western shoe stores but you may have to work a little hard to find the ones you might like. Remember to be patient enough to search for wedge sandals that suit you.

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    Loafers, with chunky and low heels, add a different touch to your personality with wide leg jeans. This kind of outfit is surely going to make you standout in a crowd as you look very graceful. To add spice to your appearance, you may go ahead with a silky blouse and a structured blazer. This wonderful combination is just perfect for a formal meeting or a presentation.

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    Sandals with high heels

    For a special function or fancy event, you may go ahead with wide leg jeans with a lovely pair of sandals with high heels. You can wear a sequined top with jeans and sandals to give finishing touches to your appearance. Have matching nail polish and hot red lipstick to look more gorgeous.

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    Flat sandals

    Flat sandals look great with wide leg jeans. So if you want to be relaxed, comfortable and casual, go with the flat sandals. There are countless styles of sandals available these days and you may opt for one according to your own preference and the shape of your feet.

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