How to Shape a Cowboy Hat with a Tea Kettle

Cowboy hats never lose their popularity and appeal. They are stylish to spot and also do a great job of protecting from the sun and rain. These hats do justice to both fashion and convenience. They have proved to be age-less over the years. At times, the brim of the hat gets distorted after you wear it for a while. Sometimes, you are not satisfied with it right from  the beginning and want to reshape it the way you want it. If the cowboy hat is a straw one and of good quality, you can easily shape it using steam. Cowboy hats are manufactured through the steam process and can be reshaped at both the shops and at home. You do not need any complex equipment for it. The tea kettle in your kitchen can help you do this in a short period of time. A clothe steamer is normally used but a tea kettle with a narrow spout works as well.

Things Required:

– Straw cowboy hat
– Tea kettle


  • 1

    Fill the tea kettle with water and place on heat. Heat the water till you get a strong and steady stream of steam running from the spout.

  • 2

    Hold the hat by the brim and rotate it in front of the steam so that the whole crown is moistened and softened. Do it quickly under strong steam pressure so that the entire crown is steamed in less than thirty seconds.

  • 3

    Use your hands to shape the crown while the straw is soft and can be mould into shape. Do this very quickly because it will take less than  thirty seconds for the straw to cool down and harden. If  you are not with the processing, do the steam process again and shape the crown.

  • 4

    Now is the time to shape the brim. Hold the hat in away in your hands from the apposite side of where you will rotate the hat for steaming the brim. Rotate the brim in the steam, keeping your hands away from the steam. Steam both the upper and under side of the brim.

  • 5

    Use your fingers to brim according to your choice while it is soft and hot with the steam. Do this process quickly. If you are not satisfied the first time, repeat the steam to mould further.  You can re-steam and re-shape the hat until you are satisfied with how it looks.

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