How to Wear a Watch

Wrist watches are available in all sizes and shapes. It is a man’s pride and a fashion accessory for a woman. Choice of a watch describes your personality. A branded watch shows that you are financially successful while a sports watch shows your informal attitude, funky watches shows your childish nature and colourful watches describes your happy-go-lucky nature. Nowadays it’s not very hard to choose a watch to complement your personality as there are many brands that are offering good formal, informal and sporty watches. Females wear watches usually with formal attire because a watch completes their overall look, makes them look fashionable, trendy yet sophisticated. Young girls and boys wear funky watches to cope up with the existing style trends. However, there is always a right way to wear a watch so that your personality and watch both do not lose their worth.


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    The watch you wear everyday should be durable, comfortable and trendy as you wear it during work and sometimes all day long. Leather step, rubber or plastic watch or a chained watch, it is totally a personal choice to make. Stainless steel is most popular among men and women both but you have to choose a piece that suits you and your personality completely. Save your formal watches for the events like parties, wedding and other formal happenings.

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    After the type of watch, it is important to get the right fit. Men should not wear watches that are loose around their wrists. While women watches should never be too tight but they do have a choice with a little fit watch around the wrist or loose as a bracelet.

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    Choose the wrist on which you want to wear your watch. It is, again, totally a personal choice of the wearer depending on the comfort level. Usually left hand is a popular choice as it is the non-dominant hand of most of the people and it is easy to handle watch from that hand. Also the time adjusting dial of the watch is located on the right side so wearing watch on the left hand makes it easier to use the dial.

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    Place the watch on your wrist in a way that number 6 on the watch’s face is set near your thumb. This will help you to see time easily once you have strapped on the watch.

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    For a strap style watch, put it on like a belt, cross one end of the strap through the buckle, pin the retainer into a hole at the perfect fit on your wrist but in a way that it feels comfortable, neither too loose nor too tight. Clasp-style watches needs clasps to be latched on the opposing ring. Watches with stretchy bands go around the wrist easily.

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