How to Be Pretty on the Inside and Outside

Everyone wants to look pretty, but beauty is not only about your appearance on the outside. It is about how to carry yourself as a person, how you behave with your friends, family, colleagues and the people you meet on a regular basis.

There is no doubt that physical appearance matters a lot and you need to practice a lot of things to keep looking attractive. Whenever you meet someone who doesn’t know you, the first impression he/she gets is from your appearance.

Therefore, you have to take care of your beauty from the outside, as it counts a lot. Imagine that you have not taken a bath for more than a week and your clothes have dirt all over them. In this scenario, if a friend pays a visit to your place, you will definitely feel embarrassed.

So, it is important to look after your body, stay clean, eat healthy stuff and wear neat clothes. You don’t need to perform some special tasks, but a few basic things can help you look attractive.

On the other hand, being beautiful from the inside matters a lot, especially to those who meet you on a regular basis. You have to respect their feelings, pay attention to them and love all the things in the nature.

God has created everything as beautiful, but it is the person inside us who makes various perceptions about others. Always know people before making judgements about them, as physical appearance is just not the true picture.

Stay clean from the inside and you will automatically attract people from the outside. So this internal and external beauty is correlated in a way. Let’s see what steps we can take in order to try and attain this seemingly difficult task.


  • 1

    Believe in yourself

    Whenever you want to achieve anything, you need a strong belief. So start thinking that you are the most beautiful person from the inside and outside, which will automatically boost your confidence.

  • 2

    Keep yourself clean

    Always stay clean in order to look beautiful. When we talk about cleanliness, it refers to everything including your body, clothes, heart, mind and most importantly your soul.

  • 3

    Drink water regularly

    The most essential ingredient to look beautiful is water. So, drink plenty of it and avoid other liquids, which are harmful.

  • 4

    Stay positive towards life

    Removing negativity from your life will help you get the attention of everyone around you. Try and be positive all the times and stay content on what you have been blessed with rather than complaining about what you have been deprived of.

  • 5

    Try to be natural and simple

    There is no need to do a lot of makeover, as you are already too beautiful. Stay as simple as possible and you will always look beautiful from the inside and the outside.

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