Classy Weekend Bags for Women

The term ‘Weekend Bag’ usually refers to large and easily portable bags which looks like a carry-on luggage. The weekend bags in a variety of shapes, styles and colours being popular among women who just love to travel. They can accommodate almost every necessity of a woman which she might require. The choice of your weekend bag varies regarding the purpose of your travel. If you’re traveling for a business meeting your bag should be simple and elegant. However, if you’re just hanging out with your girls, the selection of neon colours isn’t bad at all.


  • 1

    Black Leather

    Black has always been the colour of elegance, the provocative yet simple nature of the colour has made it even more attractive. If you’re looking for luxury and don’t feel any hindrance in spending big for your accessories then the Black Leather bags might be the right match for you. Whatever you are wearing, black seems to go well with it. And that’s one of the many reasons that women tend to have a large collection of black leather bags. Moreover, the colour never gets easily dirty, and the fact that it’s made up of leather makes it lasts for ages.

  • 2

    Brown Canvas

    You need to have a confident personality if you’re going to buy handbags in brown shades. The reason for that is most women tend to worry about the colour being the right match for their attire. These bags are the ideal for spending the weekend in a country side. Louis Vuitton Speedy is one of most well-known Brown Canvas bags available in the market. However, bags belonging to this category often seem to be more expensive than other bags. These bags are classy, elegant and one of the best choices for women who just love to stay in style.

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    Print or Pattern

    These bags often go well with the casual look due to the nature of their texture. These bags can sometimes be too flashy. However, their unique patterns and designs ensure that you don’t look awkward while carrying them. Don’t go for patterns that can be classified as nursery walls. Instead stick to more serious patterns when selecting a Print or Pattern bag.

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    Bold Colour

    Buying bags in rich colours can enhance your travelling outfit. If you love trying out colours then you should consider bags having brightened colours in your wardrobe. You can also choose from a different range of neon colours. If you’ve the capacity to spend lavishly on your handbags then check out the Domo Ladies Bag. Hermes Birkins also have a class of its own, but is too hard to get as the company issues only bags a week.

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