How to Buy Clothing for Women over 50

It may be hard to accept but the body begins to sag in your 50s. Even if you haven’t gained any weight, the 20 year old clothes won’t fit perfectly.  Some people believe that if they dress young, they will appear less than their age. That is not true at all. Being fifty doesn’t mean you can’t look stunning. You can dress appropriately to look elegant. Many styles are available which will flatter your body. Taking these tips will keep you fashionable and satisfied with your look.


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    It all starts with the foundation clothes. To look good in what you wear, well fitted under wear is necessary. Take your measurements at least after every six months to be sure of the sizes.

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    Give your closet a thorough look and decide which styles are not in fashion any more. It is time to put those away.  Do not wear clothes that are a decade old. Of course some pieces are all time favorites: well fitted jeans, plain shirts or classic skirts. Don’t go for every new trend in the market. Determine which style compliments your way of living. The styles should be according to your taste, affordability and your figure. Try to buy those items which enhance your good features. For example; if your legs are well shaped, wear knee length skirts.

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    There is no need to dress like a rock star to carry of jeans stylishly. At this age you don’t want to expose your rear side to people, so go for low rise styles as they look chic without exposing. Boot-leg cuts and flat fronts also look flattering. Jeans is for all ages if proper styles are chosen; don’t go for too baggy or too tight.

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    You can expose your shoulders and arms if they are toned but try to avoid very short hemlines. Wear dresses that are a little longer than your knee. Showing a lot of cleavage doesn’t look appropriate, so avoid plunging necks and go for other options like v-necks. Moderation is the key to look perfect according to your age.

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    At this age look for comfort and style. Buy shoes which will balance your clothing. Medium-high heels should be preferred as they are available in various styles. When you are going out to run some errands, wear comfortable trainers. Crocks are not a very good option; they are more for the younger lot.

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