How to Feel Cosy in Conservatory Style

A sunroom or a conservatory is a popular inclusion to many houses. Not only do they offer an extra space, but the sun and comfort make them a perfect place to rest, even on cool breezy days. Moreover, a well-built sunroom will add significant value to your home as well as offering years of trouble-free entertainment. Conservatories can also be used as greenhouses, offering spaces for late winter or the start of the summer season. There are many things that you can do to feel cosy in your conservatory, most depend on your personal hobbies or activities that you enjoy.


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    Before doing anything else you will need to make sure that your conservatory design suits your needs. If you are yet to build your conservatory, consider sketching the design on a piece of paper. It is recommended to take your time when planning the space as well as the size of doors and windows. You will be required to gain planning permission from your local council’s planning department before proceeding. Order the windows, panels, roofs, grills and UPVC doors when the council office grants you permission.

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    Depending on your personal needs, you will be required to choose where your conservatory stand. Dig at least 90 cm down below to install timber frames. Make sure the wall thickness is not less than 15 cm on both sides. The bottom of the foundations must be levelled using a spirit level, rake and a shovel. At 60 cm deep, consider including the proper materials for the wall of the foundation.

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    Conservatories were originally built to celebrate British botanical exploration. Arums, palms and other tropical plants are added to enhance the beauty of the sunroom. Sometimes, materials such as intricate iron and expensive types of glasses are also used to improve the design. In the early 1900’s, conservatories were build by the wealthy and middle class. Depending on your needs, you may choose to use timber or steel frame for your sunroom. Timber frames keep the conservatories cool even in the heat of summer. Furthermore, using timber frames you can add more comfort to the place.

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    Use wooden tables and chairs to relax while having a cup of coffee. No matter what the outside weather is, if you plan the design carefully and use appropriate furniture, you can feel cosy in your own personal sunroom. Be sure to invite your friends or family members to enjoy this unique room of your house.

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