How to Create a Signature Look

Everyone has his/her own look. These looks can vary from being a goth, to being an athlete. However, it’s true that while many people copy others, some want to keep their own style and that is known as their signature look. It is good to have a signature look because it reminds people of you if they see it anywhere else. Moreover, you are recognized by that look and you stand out from everyone else who is around you.


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    Figure yourself

    In order to have a signature look, you need to figure yourself out first. You need to know what sort of a personality you are, or want to be. Are you an athlete? Then go for an athletic look. Are you a goth? Then go for a gothic style. You most definitely would have a personality trait that can go with your look, and once you figure it out, stick to it.

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    Be comfortable

    Make sure that the style that you choose is comfortable for you. Sometimes in order to become someone else, people forget who they are. That does not allow you to be comfortable with a lot of things. Therefore, make sure you are comfortable with whatever you do, as it can later create problems for you and you might have to change the look you are going for.

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    Different clothes

    You don’t have to stick to just one type of clothes. Keep changing them and try different layers. That way people will know how you like to wear different clothing, but in your very own style. Try to wear things in a different way and that will give you your own signature look. Moreover, people might even start following you if they like the way you dress up.

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    Accessories, at times, are a must to add a different touch to the style you’re opting for. Maybe the cap you wear makes you look different from all the other people around you. Therefore, always try to use accessories. People then associate you with that particular accessory and it does help you build up your own signature look.

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    Don’t overdo it

    Whatever you do, do not overdo things. Sometimes people opt for more than one accessory and then things start to look bad. Just remain in your limits and do things like a normal person. However, you just have to stand out from the people around you and for that you need to give yourself a signature look; something that only represents you.

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