How to Get a Body like Brad Pitt

Everyone is aware of Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt, who has worked in numerous flicks and earned a name for himself with his wonderful acting skills. Looking at him and all of his co-stars, one simply feels how lucky they are. However, luck is not the only thing that has earned people like Brad so much respect all over the world.

Behind Brad’s success story, there is plenty of hard work. Throughout his career, the American artist has done some brilliant movies such as Troy, Fight Club, Inglourious Basterds and a lot more. In order to fit these roles, he has maintained a perfect body, which is not an easy job at all. However, you can also get a body like him, if you work out properly with full determination.

Things Required:

– Gym
– Exercise routine


  • 1

    Understand that you have your own body

    Before starting any exercise to look like Brad Pitt, you have to understand the fact that your genetics are different from that of the Hollywood superstar. Your weight, height, bones and overall body structure cannot be the same, but you can still get your muscles ripped in order to resemble your favorite hero.

  • 2

    Mix the exercises

    Rather than following one fixed pattern, you should mix your exercises. This will help you get a perfectly toned body in quick time. Write down the exercises you need to perform on a daily basis. Visit the gym every alternate day and other than that, do swimming, cycling and jogging regularly.

  • 3

    Take care of your diet

    Exercise is not the only thing you need to perform in order to get a body like Brad Pitt. There are some other key factors involved and one of them is your diet. You need to consume food, which is rich in protein and avoid all sorts of junk food. Moreover, you should also take some supplements, if you need to gain some size in less time.

  • 4

    Work hard on shoulder muscles

    If you have noticed Brad Pitt’s physique in his films, especially the ones where the role demands him to be muscular, he has worked hard in improving his shoulder muscles. Therefore, you will have to work out to improve the upper body muscles.

  • 5

    Focus on toning up your body

    There are some basic exercises, which will help you tone up the muscles like Brad. Perform the squats for your legs and butt, push-ups for arms and chest and crunches for building up the abdominal muscles. Once you have a body like your favourite actor, copy his latest hairstyle too.

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