How to Pick Your Style

Fashion is always experimental and changing, so should your style be. If you are an artistic and creative person, you can be attracted to lot of things like you can have the tendency to experiment with your looks, hair style and clothes.

It’s Ok to follow the recent trends but you must keep in your mind before you choose a style that does it go well with your personality? Are you feeling comfortable? That is because you dress up for yourself not for the others.

You should not keep on spending blindly to look trendy and stylish. Just go with your natural feeling and don’t worry if you are unable to find your personal style as most of the people cannot figure out that.


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    Self Assessment:

    First thing you need is to have a look at yourself as it will help you find out the positive and negative aspects of your personality. Ask yourself some questions about your figure, colour, hair and physical features etc. Be honest and true to yourself as this will help you find a suitable style for you.

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    Let your imagination work:

    Feel free to do experiment with your looks. Let your imagination guide you as fashion is all about looking different and attractive. Make your own combinations in front of mirror. Do not feel embarrassed if does not work rather try another one and ultimately you will be able to make your statement with your own style.

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    Stay connected:

    Stay connected to recent fashion world. Buy some magazines, watch movies, do research work and then try all those styles at home. Stick with the one that compliments your character. You may check old fashion trends also as you can come out with some unique yet stylish idea.

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    Check your wardrobe:

    You should have a look on your wardrobe. Just make a list what you have and what you are missing. Pick outfits and wear in front of a mirror. If it makes you smile then you should not have any doubt. However, you should wear clothes according to the occasion and places.

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    Most people take accessories as additional, useless and expensive items but these small things can highlight your personality. For example, nice sunglasses can make you noticeable even if you are simply dressed. Similarly, a cute scarf or a funky belt can make you more attractive and beautiful. You should just choose those things that go with your image.

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    Putting it together:

    Once you have gone through this process, start putting all of your ideas together. If your clothes, shoes, hairdo and accessories are lifting up your personality and you are one level above than where you were earlier then stick with this style. This is your personal style.

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