How to Harmonize a Chorale in the Style of Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach was a well known German composer, organist, harpsichordist and violinist as he also set the rules and standard for particular four-part harmony writing. This unique and varied style of writing later was called the style of Bach. Students of theoretical music today have extensively made the style of Bach as the standard to write their theories of music. This style of writing music is also very popular among renowned musicians and composers. Universities around the world and especially institutes which teach music always highly regard Bach in the way he could harmonize a chorale.


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    Understanding harmonizing chorale in the style of Bach

    Before actually learning how to harmonizing a chorale in the style of Bach, you should thoroughly try to understand it. The history and evolution with the 16th century and its growth with so many other musicians contributions, you will need to understand the whole aspect of Bach to fully comprehend things. Basically many students of music do not understand fully about writing a harmony in the style of Bach as it has many complexities in it. Paying attention to the subject is very important as only then will you grasp the whole objective of the importance of writing a harmony in the style of Bach. To understand the vocal polyphony and long provided basis for comprehending the entire classical music genre in all of the world's leading conservatoires, Beethoven and studies of Bach are well recognised and highly respected.

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    Studying different collection of Bach chorales

    Studying different collections of Bach chorales is important if you want to learn about harmonizing a chorale in his style. Many experienced musicians also say that it is the very best way to understand this complex form of writing music. It will certainly enhance your knowledge about writing music in other forms as well.

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    Finding end of each phrase

    If you able to find the end of each phrase, then you can successfully mark them using the correct chord progressions. You will see that you are getting closer to fully understanding to write and harmonize in the style of Bach.

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    Use primary chords prevalently

    Using primary chords is also a very good method towards understanding the art of harmonizing a chorale in the style of Bach.

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    Modulating chords whenever possible

    Bach was also very famous for modulating chords. With a closed related key, it will become easy for any musician to harmonize a chorale in the style of Bach.

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