How to Be More Attractive to Men

Men are not attracted towards certain type of women. However, there are certain things that attract men and women should keep in check that they are being followed in case they want men to find them attractive.


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    Take care of your hair

    One thing that really attracts men is the fact that the woman has nice hair. The hair is the first thing that all the men notice and if you want to be attractive towards men, you should realize that you need to take really good care of your hair. All men see how the women are taking care of their hair. Even if they are short, you should know how to stylize them and they should look healthy at all times.

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    Be fit

    Women who are too fat are definitely a turn off. However, the women who look too skinny are also not on the dating list for all men. Men like women who are fit and look normal. Skinny girls look ridiculous to most of the men while fat girls are definitely not what men are going to go for. Therefore, be fit and keep in check your everyday diet so that you remain normal.

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    Smile is something that attracts a man right after hair. If you want to attract a man, you should be sure that you are smiling. However, overdoing your smile will not help your cause either. Therefore, make sure that you know when to smile and how to smile. Keeping a big smile on your face at all times will make you look as if you are overdoing things. Be calm and smile so that the men crave for it when you don’t.

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    Be friendly

    Obviously, being extra friendly is not what is being asked. You have to be friendly and need to throw your attitude away. Men like women who are nice to talk to and are interactive. Therefore, be friendly, and be nice to the men you talk to. If you have a special likeness for someone, do not give him extra importance in terms of friendliness. Just be normal.

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    Dress well

    Men really like women who dress up well. It shows that they are taking care of themselves. Therefore, if you are going out there to attract other men, you should know that you will have to spend a lot on your outfits and you will have to look good at all times.

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    Look like a female

    Women who try to show that they are too much into boys and even act like males, they should know that guys do not like tom-boys. Guys go for girls who act like girls, and that is what attracts other men towards them.

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