How to Take Out your Highlights

Streaking your hair with highlights or lowlights is trendy, but it is not necessary that it looks good on every face. Your streaks can also be a big blunder for you, if you choose the wrong colours, dyes, style or even hair stylist. You have to be very specific before applying it on your hair, especially in first attempt. Before experimenting it on yourself, you must follow the steps of consulting an expert hair stylist, and knowing all the odds and evens of streaking, choosing a colour that suits your personality and go with your face, and the style you pick should enhances your overall look despite ruining it.


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    You cannot get rid of the highlights until your hair grows off, you have to be patient as it will take a very long time. So you should treat your poor highlight choice by dying it again. It is a long process which will tire you up, but satisfy you and your overall look.

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    Due to the usage of bleach the hair just altered its colour into the one you tried to put on it. You cannot remove it at once, you have to wait for your hair to grow off. The new hair will bring your natural colour back and relieve your pain of ruined highlights.

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    Select a dye which is closest to your natural hair colour, if you have any problem in choosing that specific dye then use swatches which are easily available in the shops. You can also ask hair stylist to suggest you the colour and better dyer for you.

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    If your hair is black then go for dark brown or the shade which is the best you think go with your hair. Remember that you have to buy demi permanent or deposit-only hair dye for you.  It is less damaging than bleach.

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    Wear gloves in order to avoid colouring your hands along with hair. Apply dye on highlights with brush or hand. Let it set for 10 minutes.

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    Apply on the remaining parts of the hair which you have not highlighted before for 10-15 minutes, to make it one coloured. It is up to you whether colouring only highlights or all hair, as it will not look that bad if you treat your dye as another kind of highlights. Later on, wash your hair thoroughly and remove the colour. Apply a deep conditioner to soften your hair.

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