How to Have Your Personal Style

Having a personal style is a nice thing and there is nothing better than people giving you an admiring look because of your different style.

There are many celebrities and people whom you can impersonate – or at least copy their style – be it the way they talk, walk and act.

No matter what field you are in, you need to have your own style, one that defines you and is your “trademark.”

Having a personal style is very important if you are in the show-business. If you are into writing, having your own unique writing style can make you prominent among other writers and boost your readership.


  • 1

    Re-evaluate your personality

    Think about your personality, trying to find what makes you different from others. Remember your style, whatever it is, should always correspond to your personality.

    For instance, if you are an introvert and do not socialize with others, adopting a funky style will not do you justice - it will actually make you look or sound unnatural.

    You have to make people  get the right idea of you, not think of you as a confused personality.

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    Do not always stick to latest trends

    It is not wise to always stick to latest trends when in reality you can adopt several amazing trends of a previous era. People tend to follow new styles, no matter how bad they are for them. Avoid this mistake.

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    Be yourself

    No matter what field you are from, just be yourself, and you will not go wrong. Although following in the footsteps of successful people is a good idea, copying someone’s style does not always work. If you are keen to make progress in your life, you have to be yourself and let people know that you are unique.

    Copying someone’s style or personality may give you some success, but most of the credit will still goto the actual person whose personality you copied.

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    Be a trendsetter

    Setting a trend takes more than we think, but it can be easier than we imagine. If you have developed a style that is unique and different form the others, you can set a new trend in the society, a country or a social circle you are associated with. Those who set trends usually have their own personal style.

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