How to Improve Your Posture When Sitting

Even if you are not lucky enough to have a desk job, there is a high probability that you sit on your duff during most part of the day. According to many doctors, an average human being sits for around 56 hours a week apart from the time when they are sitting on a laptop, straining over something and sitting in front of the couch watching sit-coms and TV series. All that sitting on your bum can lead to a lot of postural problems which can affect your health. However, sitting is an inevitable habit so there are a few things that can improve your sitting posture.


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    A sedentary lifestyle can easily lead towards weight gain and poor health. If you sit for extended periods, your blood circulation decreases, metabolism slows down, blood sugar levels go up and down and your postural muscle is also affected. However, that doesn’t mean that you stop sitting, watching TV or quit your desk job. All you have to do is improve your posture whilst sitting.

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    The chair that you sit on usually plays a big role in all this. It is better to have a chair with a low back support. Wise option is to put a small pillow behind your lower back and rest your buttocks and mid-back against the chair.

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    However, no matter how good your chair is, if you are in a habit of slouching or hunching over the keyboard or cross your legs, it won’t make a difference. Next time when you sit on a chair, make sure that both of your feet are flat on the floor and your knees are at a higher level than your hips.

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    Your elbows should be at your sides or resting on an arm rest as it will relax your shoulders.

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    Your shoulder blades must not round forward and your head should be looking straight ahead.

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    Put your abdominal or belly breathing to good use as it will increase the amount of oxygen entering your body.

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    Dehydration is another reason why people tend to slouch without even knowing. Throughout the day, drink water, tea or juice so that you don’t lose water.

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    It is better to get up, stretch, move and breath after every 15 to 30 minutes. This will boost your energy and will make sure that you don’t over eat.

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    It is likely that you spend at least five to eight hours in your bed on a daily basis and this will have major impact on your posture. It is better to make sure that the mattress you drop down on, offers the right support. Furthermore, rotate it every few months.

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