How to Use a Clothes Steamer

For clothes which are hard-to-iron, garment steamers can come handy. You can use clothes steamer to remove wrinkles from large drapery, silk, tablecloths etc. In addition to these, steamer can be used on normal clothes as well. Steamers save all the hard work when you iron your clothes, are easy to use and make your clothes ready to hang. The procedure of using a clothe steamer varies according to the different models but there are some common rules which you need to follow when operating them.

Things Required:

– Garment steamer
– Water
– Clothes
– Clothes hangers


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    Clothes steamer is a device which removes wrinkles from your clothes by producing steam. Water is place in its tank which the steamer heats until steam is formed. This steam is then aimed on the clothes with a pressure. As a result, the heat loosens the garment’s fibers and eventually wards off the wrinkles.

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    First pour cold water in the tank of the steamer. Connect all the parts and then turn the garment steamer on. Heat the steamer until steam is created.

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    First you need to place the shirt on a hanger. Remember to button the colour and few top buttons. You need to place the hanger in a way you can reach all sides of the shirt easily. Place the hanger on the shower curtains is a good place for this. Focus on the collar area while steaming and you should move from bottom to upwards.

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    Dresses and skirts

    As dresses and skirts are made up of different fabrics, you need to take special care while steaming. In case the fabric is silk or velvet, you should make sure that steamer’s nozzle does not touch it. In case there is embroidery or print on clothes, you need to turn it inside out and then steam.

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    Water level

    You need to constantly check the water level of the steamer. Check it after steaming one item of your clothing. This is to make sure that water level is proper all the times. In case the water level is lower than the required amount, your garment steamer can get damaged or face other problems. Also make sure that the water level is not higher than the required level. In case it is higher, you may squirt out water instead of steam.

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    Other applications

    Besides removing wrinkles from garments, you can use the steamer on upholstery and even wigs. People also carry travel size steamers when they go on trips to other countries.

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