6 Things Men Should Avoid Wearing On The First Date

The effect of making good first impressions on first date is profound and while most men know this, they may not be aware that this extends to clothes and, there are things they should never have worn to their first dates. Most men are just left wondering ‘’how come she never returned my calls.’’ There could be any number of reasons why are they wore something they shouldn’t have worn, which gave the ladies a negative vibe about them. As a guy looking forward to one or two dates, dressing well to make a good first impression should not be taken with levity, especially when you are looking to seal the deal with that special someone. Putting on your best outfit also means, you must avoid wearing certain things. Read on to find out things to avoid wearing on a first date:


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    There is nothing cool about a guy wearing tennis-like shorts and exposing his thighs whilst on a date. It might send a wrong message to your date, suggesting you are probably about the same age with a ‘’middle-aged school student.’’ If you are going to wear shorts, the designer 3 ¼ jeans for men, usually a bit above the knee should be a better alternative.

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    Gym wear

    Going on a date with gym cloths after working out should be the last thing on every guy’s mind. Your date is likely to view you as an ‘irresponsible man with no sense of respect,’ simply because you are wearing gym cloths and probably sweating and smelling from working-out.


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    Writings on shirt

    Beware of slogans written on any particular shirt you might be wearing to your date. Your date might find them highly offensive. No matter how nice your shirt is, if it says something like “women are gullible,” don’t even think about it.


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    When it comes to first dates, suits are not the best choices to make. There is something about wearing a suit that screams ‘’too sophisticated’’ or ‘’too formal,’’ which might be a problem depending on who your dates are. To be on the safe side, a cool shirt with a pair of jeans and sneakers should be alright.

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    Over-sized cloths

    Avoid wearing over-sized shirts or pants to a date; it’s just not nice. Most women are particular about fashion and class, so the last thing you want is your date feeling embarrassed by being around you.


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    Small shirts
    It’s is unmanly-like to wear a small shirt and probably expose a bit of your belly whilst on your date. There is a high probability your date will be pretty disgusted by this, and you might want to wear a shirt that’s long enough to cover your trousers’ zip area provided you are not tucked in.


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    Your choice of outfit can determine whether you are likely to make a good or bad first impression, depending on the kind of person your date is. To be safe, simply refer to these tips when you're not sure of what to wear.

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