How to Fold Clothes That Look Crisp and Pressed

Clothes folding is one of the things that are required in order to keep your house and place tidy. Clothes can be folded in several ways and have alternatives as well. Clothes can be hanged on hangers in the closet, but the best way to achieve the purpose of tidiness is to fold these clothes properly. These clothes must be attended to in the proper manner and a general set of instructions must be followed on the matter to achieve the desired result.


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    Clothes folding is an art that can be learnt over the period of time with some practice and general instructions on the matter. Firstly you will have to gather the clothes that you are looking to fold in a manner that they seem to be pressed and neat and tidy as well. The first step is to sort the clothes so that the ones that are dirty must be first cleaned. You have to keep these clothes on one side and the ones that are already clean on the other.

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    Now you have to give these clothes to the laundry shop. You can also do laundry all by yourself at your home, but for this you will have to use the required machine that is necessary for doing laundry. Once these clothes have come back after being clean, you will have to wait for them to dry up.

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    After the clothes have been dried, take them to the place where the other clothes are placed. Now is the process of pressing all these clothes. This can also be done in two manners, self pressing and then again the prospect of getting the clothes pressed from the laundry shop. Pressing is a hectic task, so it would be better to take the bundle of the clothes to the laundry shop and get these pressed. Once these clothes have been pressed bring them home and now comes the task of getting these folded in the proper manner that will make them look well pressed and folded.

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    Now you are left with the task of folding the clothes that have just come back after the process of getting pressed from the laundry. You will have to follow the certain instructions and the methods that are required to fold the clothes that will make them look crisp. One thing that has to be taken care of is that the clothes should be folded in such a manner that their pressing should not be affected at all. Now firstly place the clothes upside down on the table. Start by folding the sleeves of the clothes. Now fold the shirt’s lower part over the sleeve and make sure that the collar faces forward and on top of the sleeves part.

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    Finally, just start taking the folded clothes to your cupboard and arrange them properly.

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