Tye & Dye Washing Instructions

Tie & dye is great way to bring a colour or multiple colours of your choice on a suite in unique way. It also showcases an individual’s creative side by combining various colours. People create tie-dye projects after consuming lot of time and hard work not just to put on such artwork for just once, they want to preserve it in order to wear it again and again.

Therefore, such people should also need to learn how to take care of their tie-dye material so they could wear it for a longer period. The art of protecting the tie-dye clothing is not too complex and one can easily learn it by following simple washing instructions for such materials. You can find these tie-dye washing instructions in this guide.

Things require for tie-dye washing:
– Bucket (optional)
– Laundry Soap, mild
– Water
– Washing Machine
– Dryer


  • 1

    Wash with Hands First:

    In order to protect the tie-dye on your clothes wash them with hands for the first few times. Also keep in mind that you should wash such clothes or items in a bucket or a sink with laundry soap, which must be very mild.

  • 2

    Use Washing Machine:

    After first few hand washes, you can use washing machine to wash them. However, wash tie-dye clothes separately from the other clothes, as there is still a chance that dye may still come out, which can easily get on other clothes, if washed together.

  • 3

    Keep the Load Smaller:

    To save the tie-dye colour or lessen the chances of such colours to run out, wash such clothes with small load of laundry.

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    Use Cold Water to Wash:

    You can use cold or warm water to wash tie-dye clothes, but hot water can cause serious damge to these colours.

  • 5

    Dry Separately:

    After washing the tie-dye clothes either hang them in a line so they could dry out or you can also use a dryer for tumble dry.

  • 6


    When the tie-dye clothing gets dry, you can iron them to get rid of wrinkles and put on them normally as you wear other clothes.

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