How to Equip Oneself for Mystery Shopping

In order to be a mystery shopper, you will need some tools and resources to ensure that the company under supervision does not find about your true identity.  On top of that, you will need to follow certain standards and procedures, and further will have to provide proper feedback which proves beneficial to your employees and guarantees that more work keeps flowing in. Mistakes are part of life but equipping yourself with certain necessities will increase your chances of achieving your intended goals as a mystery shopper.


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    Firstly, the choice will be yours on how to go about your business. You may be fluent in this field and require little need to prepare notes or questionnaire. However, if you are not one of those, then it is time to hone your skills.   For most entrants, there are certain online training courses available which allow you to get a good grip of your job specification.

    For instance, you may take a sliver certification course, provided by the Mystery Shoppers Providers Association. This will further inculcate your seriousness about this profession. You will be charged for this short training course and will need to pass an online test. After clearing the training, you can further apply for a gold certification, for which you will need to attend a workshop. However, this workshop may be designated in another city and for this reason you can purchase the gold certificate DVD and follow up periodically.

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    Before going for mystery shopping, it may be useful if you prepare a questionnaire on your own. This will help you document all of your findings related to cleanliness, customer satisfaction, etc. However, make sure that you don’t take the questionnaire inside the shop. Simply keep it in your car and note down the queries after you have visited the assigned shop.

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    Other tools which will help you  include a stopwatch or sports watch, which enables you to track the service. Moreover, you should carry a cell phone, which may help you prepare small notes there and then. However, make sure that you do that in a casual and discreet manner. Carrying a digital voice recorder is another perfect tool which allows you to record a detailed description about your visit.

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