How to Fold a T-Shirt the Gap Way

Gap is a known clothing brand. The employees of Gap are given training for quick folding T-shirts that saves them a substantial amount of time, which they can spare for attending the customers at the counters. The process of folding the T-shirts in a Gap way can be confusing for the employees initially, but they can become experts by practising regularly. If you do not know how to fold a T-Shit the Gap way, you can learn it quickly, even without working at the store.


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    Stand in a way near the folding table that when the T-Shirt is laid down flat, its sides faces you. Its collar side towards your right hand and the bottom side towards your left hand. The front of the T-Shirt should be up right, and the bottom laid flat on the table.

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    With the T-Shirt flat, draw a line in the middle of it towards you. Use your left hand, and take the line towards the side facing until it is one and a half inch from the side corner. Then pinch both sides of the T-Shirt fabric at this point. Again, use your left hand.

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    Leaving the pinch of your left hand secure, draw another imaginary line with your right hand from the first pinch towards the shoulder side and then pinch it with your hand. Now your both hands are pinching fabric of the T-Shirt.

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    Again leaving your hand pinch secure, draw another imaginary line from the left pinch towards the bottom of the T-Shirt. This will make your hands cross each other. Pinch the fabric at the bottom, which leaves the shirt pinched at the four places at a time with your both hands. At this point the T-Shirt will look like a mess, but you are doing the job right way.

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    Lift the T-Shirt with your arms across while holding all pinches firmly, and shake the fabric until it hangs on your hands.

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    Next step is to lower the T-Shirt to the surface of the table in a way that the sleeves touch it first and fold symmetrically right under the fabric. The sleeves will fold automatically, smoothly and fabric of the T-Shirt should no longer be a mess.

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    At the end, lay down the T-Shirt towards you. This will make the fabric facing upwards straight, and the T-Shirt folded. This ends your job of folding the T-Shirt the Gap way, and if you feel you have consumed a lot of time, you can practise more to speed up the task.

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