How to Slightly Shrink Clothing That Is a Size Too Big

You have bought something that is a bit too big in size and you can’t wear it unless it shrinks down to fir your size. You don’t have to worry about the investment you made because it is not wasted completely. You still have a lifeline. You can shrink the shirt or pants to fit your size. However, once the shirt is shrunk, it can’t come back to its original size so beware of the negative side of shrinking as well. You might have lost some weight and some clothes don’t fit you so you can also apply the same formula in that scenario. It is important for you to understand that not every cloth can be shrunk so it is not a guaranteed formula to resize your cloths but still you have nothing to lose so you can do it anyway.


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    Take the clothing item to the washing area. Put it in the tub or maybe bucket whichever helps you to feel good. You have to make sure that the container in which the clothes are placed is not going to melt in hot weather and must be heat resistant to successfully apply the formula of shrinking.

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    You have to pour some water in some container which will not melt when heated. You have to boil the water and then carefully pour it on the piece of cloth until the entire piece is soaked in the boiled water. You have to wait until the entire cloth drowns in the water. You have to wait for the water to cool down and let the cloth to settle down.

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    Put the washing machine on the hot water cycle and place the cloth in it. Turn the machine on and let the hot water do the job for you.

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    Take out the cloth once the entire cycle of hot water wash is done and put it in the dryer. Let the dryer do its job.

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    Once the dryer has done its job, take out the cloth and put it in the sunlight to completely dry the cloth. If the cloth is shrunk too much, you can stretch it a bit when it is still damp.

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    If the cloth doesn’t shrink as much as you want, repeat the same process again on the next day.

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