How to Make a Bikini from T Shirt

Nothing beats and complements the hot weather like a hot bikini. If you are a creative soul with basic sewing skills, you do not even need to buy a bikini. Grab two tees you do not wear any longer from the closet and turn them into a bikini that everyone is going to be totally envious of. It is that simple!! Our step by step guide has a detailed tutorial on the process and assists you in every step of making a hot bikini out of simple T-shirts.

Things you need to make Bikini from T Shirt:

– Two t shirts
– Scissors
– Needle or sewing machine
– Thread
–  Pins
–  Fabric marker


  • 1

    You will need two t shirts for this activity. Either you can utilize each t shirt for each piece of bikini i.e. top and bottom or use them both in each piece.  Place the shirts on a flat surface and spread them out. In the rest of the steps we will refer the white shirt shown in the picture  as “A” and the yellow one  as “B”.

  • 2

    Cut off the hem of shirt B. Cut two 1 inch wide strips from the bottom of the shirt, cutting through both the layers. Fold both strips and cut them in half again, getting four equal length strips. Cut two more 1 inch strips from shirt A. Cut the first one in half once and the other in half twice. All in all, at the end of this step you should have seven strips.

  • 3

    Take the shirt you want to make a top of. This is shirt B. Cut the shirt 9 inches of the bottom so that you now have a rectangle with length 9 inches. You should do it in a way that it cuts through both of the sides. Pin the sides together.

  • 4

    On one side of the rectangle, draw a triangle with 10 inch base and 8 inch sides. Draw an arch 1 inch under the base . Draw another triangle on another corner of the same fabric. You will need an inch tape and fabric marker for this step.

  • 5

    Pin the triangle edges and cut them out of the fabric.

  • 6

    Flip over a corner of a triangle side and pin any one of the two small strips from shirt A  to it. Pin in the two sides of the triangle around half an inch in a way that it overlaps the strip corner. Sew a seam down these both sides.

  • 7

    Coming to the arch bottom of the triangle, fold it in an inch and sew a seam, leaving enough space for threading a strip through it later. Do the same with the other triangle.

  • 8

    Take the long strip cut out of shirt A and insert it through seam of the arch of triangle 1 and extend it through that of triangle 2, joining them. You will three strips with the top. One small one with each triangle to go around the neck and one long one joining both to go around the back.

  • 9

    Coming to the bottom part, cut a rectangle measuring 19 inches by 16 inches out of shirt A cutting through both the sides. Pin both the layers together.

  • 10

    Sketch an hourglass shape over the fabric. This shape should be 11 inches long and 4 inches wide in the narrowest center part. This narrow part will be covering your crotch.

  • 11

    Fold all four corners of the hourglass and pin the strips from shirt B. Fold in the front side one inch and pin it, overlapping the strips. Do the same with the back part. Sew in the seams, removing the pins along the way.

  • 12

    Fold and pin the two curved sides of the hourglass in one inch. Sew the seam  down these sides. Placing little cuts on the narrow part of the shape will help you fold the fabric easily. The bottom part of your bikini is ready. Enjoy summers like never before.

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