How to Stop Breakouts After Threading

Rooting out the facial and brow line hair requires frequent threading — the most accepted method of hair removal. This however carries risks of acne and folliculitis. Both conditions cause bacteria in hair follicle and it gives birth to pimples, and the process of breakouts kicks in.

Women folks try different methods to get rid of pimples and breakouts. Many of them are homemade or tried and many based on some basic health and particularly skincare products. For example, sometimes use of any lotion or moisture in any form helps.

You can buy some purposeful lotions and other methods over-the-counter at a pharmacy and they work effectively. The possibility of variation in results can be due to the nature of the skin as well. Some women have more sensitive skin than others, and they are at high risk of getting bacteria in the hair follicle after threading. The problem of breakouts nevertheless is solved with use of basic skincare products provided they are used within prescribed intervals on regular basis.


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    Warm Moist Cloth or Compress

    At the time you feel pimples emerging at the place of threading after you have got you hair removed, immediately apply a moist cloth or compress on the place to get relief. This method also helps draining out the pimples and the place is quickly healed and smoothed. Application of method is recommended several times a day to get better results.

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    Washing With Lukewarm Water

    Washing of the threaded space with a mild soap and lukewarm water is another method of protecting your skin from pimples and breakouts. Be careful in using soap as it can complicate the problem. Try the process during several times a day to get better result.

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    Apply Oil-Free Makeup

    Apply oil-free makeup to cover the pimples while the threaded place is in process of healing. It is a must to avoid oil-containing makeups because they aggravate the problem. Oil-free makeup provides a better cover for the place as it recovers.

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    Use OTC Solutions

    You can also apply hydrocortisone cream, which can be bought over-the-counter (OTC) from your local pharmacy. This will help you to reduce swelling and irritation at the threaded place and prevent it from pimples.

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    Apply Lotion Before Shave

    Shaving of stray hair off your skin is not recommended but if you have to do this, apply a lotion to your skin before shaving hair. It will not cause irritation to your skin and prevent from pimples. Lotion will also keep your skin smooth. Remember, for an over-sensitive skin, shaving method is not recommended at all.

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