How to Judge a Diamond Cut

If you want to buy a gift for a friend or relative, then a diamond ring is the perfect choice for you. Although diamond rings are expensive, they are used across the world to express love and happiness on special occasions. However, before making any kind of payment it is highly recommended to learn all about the various cuts, shapes and types of diamonds so it becomes easier for you to make the decision. By making the smart choice, you can get the best diamond ring for the amount of money you pay.


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    Diamond cuts are categorised into mixed, step and brilliant cuts. Always decide in advance when the diamond cut you want to have in the ring. Diamond cut category is usually determined by the arrangement and style of diamond facets, which are flat pieces on the shaped surfaces on a diamond.

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    Diamonds usually comes in three shapes including cushion, round and oval. Round diamonds are the most expensive types of diamond shapes as they are the most commonly used shape. People who want to enhance the grace and beauty of their ring, they should consider buying on oval shaped diamond as they are specifically designed for this purpose. For larger facets and rounded corners, it is best to buy cushion shaped diamond that comes in rectangles and squares.

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    The princess diamond shape is the second most widely used type of diamond. Usually, it is a squared with rough edges. Emerald diamond is another type of diamond that is similar to princess diamond but it has smooth edges. For trimmed edges and perfect square shapes, consider buying Asscher diamonds, which are extremely expensive and rare.

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    If you are looking for a slim oval shaped diamond, then marquise diamond is the perfect choice for you. They are commonly used by the jewellers when making or designing bridal sets and rings for an engagement. Radiant Diamonds are also very similar to the princess and emerald shaped diamonds, the only difference being they are square rather than rectangular.

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    A pear shaped diamond is also known as a teardrop and it can explained as the combination of marquise shaped diamonds and round diamonds. Hearts shaped diamonds are not commonly used for bridal or engagement rings. Since it is cheap as compare to other cuts, it is largely used in casual jewellery.

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