How to Use Citrine Energy

Citrine is considered to be one of the most powerful stones. If you can use citrine energy effectively, you can nurture your digestive system and kidneys through it. Apart from that, citrine also helps you become emotionally stronger, enhances your connection with your inner spirit and allows you to be creative. In many parts of the world, citrine is taken as a great cure for depression and low levels of confidence. According to many experts, citrine is also great for one’s sexual life. However, using citrine in an appropriate manner is crucial in order to make the most of it.

Things Required:

– Citrine stone
– A small pouch or a bag


  • 1

    Use it to make decisions

    It is commonly believed that citrine is a stone of power. If you meditate regularly, you can use citrine to enhance your level of concentration. If you are going through a crisis in life, the stone can help you improve your decision making powers.

  • 2

    Keep citrine in your wallet

    If you are not satisfied with your financial situation, it is highly recommended that you place a citrine stone in your wallet. If you run a business, you can put a citrine stone in your cash drawer. Citrine stones will help you to keep your wallet or the cash drawer full and will also enhance your business.

  • 3

    Use it to appeal the opposite sex

    If you keep a citrine stone with you in any shape, it will make you become very attractive and appealing. According to the regular users, effective usage of a citrine stone can make you irresistible for the opposite sex. Apart from that, you can gift a citrine stone to your lover.

  • 4

    Use it as a gift

    If any of your friends or a family member is going through a serious problem in life, you can present a citrine stone to that person, which should help him or her to heal quickly. A citrine stone can be most effective as a gift if the other person is going through some sort of trauma.

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