The Most Famous and Iconic Bags

Fashion may be changing at a very fast pace, every season has a new trend but there are some fashions that steal our hearts and remain forever. The popularity of these timeless pieces increases over time. This article will tell about some of the forever green bags which have created a permanent mark on the fashion scene. The famous companies include: Christian Dior, Channel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Fendi, Gucci and many more. These brands have developed over time and create bags that are fashionable for a lifetime. Here are four of the top iconic bags that will always remain in fashion.


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    Louis Vuitton: Speedy

    The most interesting fact is that this bag was made to keep champagne bottles in the 1930’s. this bag was first made in their monogrammed leather but if you do not want companies logo printed in bold, there are also other varieties available in different fabrics, colours and prints. The bag also comes in different sizes. Throughout the years the quality has stayed the same. This was Audrey Hepburns favourite bag.  So add it to your must have list when you have enough money.

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    Marc Jacob: Stam

    The bag was named after Jessica Stam, the Canadian beauty with mesmerizing eyes and a doll face. The bag has a vintage feel and is very easy to wear. It was first showed at the Marc Jacob fashion show in 2005. The bag became a must have for woman who value fashion. It comes in different sizes and colours.  The designer sure knows how to create fashionable and creative pieces and this is one of his many master pieces.


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    Hermes: Birkin

    The Birkin’s bag has a unique story: the famous actress cum musician Jane Birkin was travelling from Paris to London and started complaining about her bag to a man sitting next to her. She explained that she would want a simple spacey and plain leather bag with some style. She didn’t know that the man was the chief executive of Hermes. Hermes created this bag specially for her. The bag became a sensation. It is said that it had a waiting list for 6 years. People went crazy and everyone wanted to be carrying this style. One of the many fans of this bag is Victoria Beckham who has this in every color. Other stars like Rachel Zoe, Kim Kardashian and Eva Longoria have also been spotted carrying this.

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    Yves Saint Laurent : Roady

    This is a big spacious hobo bag for every day use. The bag became an instantaneous hit among celebrities like Blake lively, Olsen twins, Katy Perry and many more. The bag became famous for its simplicity. The bag is made in different skins: lizard, crocodile and ostrich. It can also be monogrammed.

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