How to Dye Nylon Fabric

All of us want to keep changing our attire and the colours of our clothes to have different outlooks. As our budgets are getting tighter and tighter due to stagnant economies in most countries of the world, buying new clothes regularly has become quite difficult. However, if you are able to dye your clothes, you can give a new life to some of the outfits that have been used a lot.

If you plan to dye synthetic products like nylon, you would have to do an acid wash with the colour you wish to dye the nylon. This is the difference between dying nylon fabric and natural materials like cotton.


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    Buy the acid dye

    The first step to dye nylon is to buy an acid dye of the desired colour from any local craft or drug store. You may also purchase it over the internet.

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    Weigh the nylon

    The powder dye ratio to the weight of clothing is 1 oz. of dye to 6 lbs of the fabric. Therefore, before you dye the nylon, you need to use a scale to measure its weight. Divide the weight of the nylon by six to know how much dyeing powder is needed. In order to dye the nylon properly, this proportion must be accurate or as close as possible.

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    Dissolve the dyeing powder in water

    You need to arrange a large pan, in which the entire nylon can properly fit. The pan should be ¾ full of water. Put the pan on a stove or a boiler and add the appropriate quantity of acid dye powder in it. Stir the water for about a minute and a half to make sure that the dyeing powder has been dissolved nicely before turning the temperature of the stove to low heat.

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    Place the nylon fabric in water

    Now put the nylon fabric in the pan and stir it in the hot water nicely. It is recommended that you use a wooden stick to stir the fabric. While allowing the nylon fabric to soak in the water for about a couple of hours, you need to stir it after every 15 minutes.

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    Air dry the nylon fabric

    You can now take the nylon out of the water and wash it with cold water before you air dry it.

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