Lady Gaga\’s Best Hairstyles Ever

Lady Gaga is an American singer, who is famous for her experimental clothing and style on stage. She is often under the radar of many teenage fans who like music and they often look at her as a singer who is extremely different from the rest. She has been wearing clothes which no one in the world would even think of wearing. Her hair has been different almost every time she has showed up on stage. Despite all this, she is still a great musician and has attracted a lot of fans who follow her not in terms of her fashion sense, but because of her music.


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    One of her best hairstyles can be taken from New York back in 2010. She dyed her hair brown, which is least expected from her. She mostly goes for attractive colours. However, back in 2010, while performing in New York, she was seen in brown hair in which she looked quite different from her usual self.

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    Another one of her hairstyles would include the purple coloured short hair. It managed to become so popular that it even helped her reach the cover of the Billboard magazine. It was during this time that she managed to outclass singers such as Britney Spears, Fergie and even the Pussy Cat Dolls.

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    During the VMA 2011, Lady Gaga was seen in the most ridiculous hairstyle ever. No one would ever expect her to show up with short hair and dressed up like a man. Lady Gaga had really short black hair and she totally looked like a man in that suit. Moreover, as she entered the stage, she was smoking a cigarette.

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    Another one of Lady Gaga’s super hit hairstyles was during the Purple Carpet of the CFDA’s. On that day, she dyed her hair turquoise and they were quite short. Moreover, she was wearing really high heels, and it made her look quite different from every other singer present. After this event, she won the award for being the Top Style Icon of the Year.

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    How can we forget Lady Gaga’s red lace outfit that she wore during the launch of V61 back in 2009. Gaga came out in red revealing clothes and totally stole the show as she was looking different as compared to all the others present in the same gathering.

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    Another one of Gaga’s masterpieces was the bow that she made out of her hair. It became an instant trend in all the girls and managed to reach the headlines of top fashion magazines around the world.

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