How to be Photogenic for Guys

A number of people say that they are naturally photogenic but many claim anxiety about having their photograph taken. Fortunately, there are tips and ways that an individual can learn to have more photogenic pictures that bring the best of your looks. Knowing a few basics of photography will boost your confidence for future endeavours. It is a trait that will most definitely help you get better pictures of yourself. There are a lot of things you can try to look better in photos. Be aware of several methods to be more photogenic with good effect.


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    Remember to always wash your face and clean your teeth after a couple hours. This is because there is dust present in the air and you will eat food during the day but if you do not clean your face and teeth, then they will not look nice in pictures. Know that majority of the pictures stress on the face. As a result of this, wash it with a cleanser and warm water at night and also rub moisturizer on the face if it gets dry. Try to brush right before the photo shoot in order to display a beautiful smile in the picture.

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    Wear good quality clothes

    You need to have your best dress on, one which will make you feel on top of the world. For most men, dressing up boosts their confidence and makes them feel important and clean. On the other hand, some are suited to trendy or comfortable clothes. Know that even if the photo shoot is only for your face, having good clothes on will make you feel special and confident. Moreover, do not face the camera directly and tilt your body a bit. While standing, put one foot in front of the other and move a little at the hips. If you are seated, then maintain your body as slightly turned away. This will help you look smart.

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    Further instructions

    It is important to move in the direction of the camera and will make you feel relaxed and a pleasurable experience. Also see in the direction of the camera and maintain your eyes a bit above the lens. A veteran photographer might have something coming out of the camera. Remember to not look into the lens if the photo shoot is serious or moody. If you are shooting outside, the ideal time is before sunset or after sunrise.

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