How to Know What Is Cool

Everyone in the world wants to be cool. What is cool? It is something that makes you stand out. However, one should not forget who he/she actually is. Now the question is how to know one is cool? There are a number of ways in which you can know what is cool and what stands out from the rest of the people. The person who copies others and is not himself/herself, that is definitely not cool.


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    What looks good

    To be cool, you should know whether the other looks cool. You have to realize that whatever the other person is wearing is acceptable in the environment they are in. Wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt while others are shivering with cold is definitely not cool. However, a decent looking shirt with a decent pant will keep them going. Remember, it is not always the clothes that make one look cool, what they do also reflects their inner self and makes them look cool.

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    What smells good

    Something you should not forget is the fact that what the other smells like reflects almost half their personality. They should be able to buy at least a nice deodorant in order to look cool and it will help them stand out. Guys who believe that the ‘manly smell’ makes them look cool should realize that it does not. On the other hand, women should always smell nice since their smell is one thing that makes them stand out in a crowd.

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    What is clean

    This one goes out to the guys who believe that not taking a bath is something cool. They should realize that hygiene has an important role to play in looking cool. Being hygienic is something that makes you stand out. You will never see someone say that not taking a bath is something cool. However, being clean is definitely something that will help you stand out from the rest of the people. They should take a shower at least once a day, and if they take it in the morning, that will help them look fresh and that will make them stand out from the rest of the people around.

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    Whether the other takes a good night sleep

    Night sleep is something which is really important for others to look cool. For women, the dark circles around their eyes do not help in looking cool. On the other hand, the guys who believe that being insomniac is cool – it is not. They should complete their night sleep so they look fresh and that will help them be cool.

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    Others should just be themselves

    What is really going to help others stand out is their own self. If they believe that copying someone will make them look cool, it will not. Just know that they are being themselves, because losing one's own identity is not cool.

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