How to Look Like Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is a young diva who rocked the world of show business and she is now the idol for the teenage girls. Celebrity crushes are usual these days because they are one of the most mesmerizing character with toned up bodies and luring outfits. However, making them idols is another case and you always want to follow your favourite celebrity, be like him/her. Well, at the moment, I will tell you how to look like Selena Gomez. She is one of the most beautiful ladies on planet with a perfectly toned and tanned body. She is a boy’s heaven and a girl’s idol. You want to look like her? Just make sure, you are ready to flaunt your curves that were developed after hours of workout at the gym. You will have to work a bit hard to gain weight and grow your body parts to make them obvious.


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    Gomez has got a shiny face so you have to glitter yourself if your face is not shiny naturally. You will have to put up makeup that will lit up your colour and brighten your face. Gomez has a baby face so light pink colour looks good on her face. You can also do that if your face cut follows her.

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    Eye shadow is must in the case of Gomez. She has got light eyes to a simple shade works well on her eye shadow. However, you should invest some money in buying a quality eye shadow and not go to the gas station and get a cheap material that will ruin your skin later.  Lids should be tackled first with a light colour and then a bit darker tone at the creases will look great.

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    Eye liner is the third thing that you need to apply. It is recommended that you go for brown of black eye liner to match the style of Selena.

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    While brushing your teeth, brush your lips as well so that they are clean. It will help the blossom a little and then apply moisturizer to them. Never lick your lips because that will just unbalance the entire look. Put a decent colour (a soft colour) lip gloss. You shouldn’t make is clear by applying it too deep. Pinkish lips are Selena’s look so you better get a pink lip gloss.

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    Wash your hair and make them look shiny. Wear something classy.

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