How to Increase Cleavage with Makeup

Make-up can give you a completely new look, and one can do several things if they apply make-up perfectly. However, there would be many who do not know that make-up can even be used to increase their cleavage, though, there will be some other things as well that will aid make-up in enhancing one’s cleavage.

Things Required:

Cleavage enhancing bra and top
Large round brush
Bronzing powder


  • 1

    It is recommended that one should purchase a cleavage enhancing bra and top in order to have the maximum effect of make-up. Make sure that you purchase the bra and top according to your size, as a loose bra and top will only make your breast sag.

  • 2

    After purchasing the bra and top, return to your place, and start preparing the make-up. Take a mirror, a large round brush, bronzing powder that is a shade darker than your natural skin tone and a face powder that is a shade lighter than your skin tone.

  • 3

    It is recommended that one should apply the make-up without wearing the bra and top, as it will prevent your bra and top from getting make-up on it. However, you can also apply the make-up after wearing the bra and top, if you are not confident about where to apply make-up, by placing a facial tissue paper around the edges of the bra and top. Start applying the bronzing powder on to your natural cleavage. Keep your strokes in an upward to downward and downward to upward direction over your cleavage. Once you are satisfied with the amount of the bronze powder over your cleavage, start applying the face powder on the upper portion of your breast. The darker shade over your cleavage will make it more pronounced while the lighter shade over your breasts will make them look firmer.

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    After you have applied the perfect amount of make-up over your breasts and cleavage, you should wear your cleavage enhancing bra and top. Wear a low neck V top, as it will shift the focus of the person downwards that will automatically enhance your cleavage.

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