How to Wear a Maxi Skirt

If you religiously follow fashion and the current trends, then you are probably already aware of the arrival of maxi skirts for this summer. The long and flowy shirts are elegant and evidently comfortable, allow you to create a laid back and chic look. However, the skirt has left a lot of you wondering about the best way to wear them. This includes the type of skirt to wear, what type of top one should go with, the right shoes and any other accessories that would help in creating an appealing look. After all, how you wear something matters far more than what you wear.


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    It is really important to go for a maxi skirt that fits you nicely. You should avoid picking a skirt that fits you so tightly that every curve of your legs and rear becomes is obvious, unless that is exactly what you are aiming to do. You should also avoid going for a skirt that is so loose that you drown in it. Always remember that balance is the key. Spend a fair bit of time to try out different maxi skirts unless you find one that fits you perfectly. If you are feeling bold, choose a maxi skirt with a slit. Kim Kardashian was seen wearing such a skirt and she looked simply gorgeous.

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    Fitted tops go extremely well with maxi skirts. Since the skirts are long and flowy, body-hugging shirts help to create a silhouette. There are a variety of fitting tops that you can go with. If you are looking to keep it relatively simple, go for a body-hugging tank. If you are dressing up for a somewhat semi-formal occasion, put on a fitted Oxford shirt and tuck it in. Despite looking really proper, it is still very much a casual look and keeps the shape of your body appealing. If you are looking to show off some skin, wear something hot like a shirt with a plunging neckline, or go for a backless top. Going with either top will allow you to attract attention without any trouble at all.

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    Wearing the right shoes with a maxi skirt is extremely important. Long heels go perfectly with the skirt. It does not matter how tall you are, do not go for anything other than heels. They will make your legs look longer and add to your over-all appeal.

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    Scarves are very much in fashion nowadays and fortunately go really well with maxi skirts. They will help to draw more attention to your face and the line of your body. Go with a colourful scarf.

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