How to Layer your Tank Tops

The chic and trendy and tank tops have very much become in demand in one’s wardrobe/clothing. Almost every woman prefers them as they are fashionable, light weighted, comfortable and easy to carry, especially during the hot summer days. If you have a collection of Tank Tops, mix and match them with other clothes to rock your social and fashion world. Layer tank tops to put in style and funk to your simple, plain and boring attires. However, make sure to properly go through each step of this guide in order to properly understand the simple steps involved in layering tank tops. Otherwise, your unsuccessful attempt can destroy your overall look.


  • 1

    Wear Bralette

    Put on thin Bralette in skin color or in matching with the tank tops you are planning to layer.

  • 2

    Select Top Layer

    Now visit your wardrobe and choose that what color or style of tank top you want to highlight (show up). It will be your top layer. So avoid the tank tops with high neckline or the ones with same style and length. Select a pair of two tank tops with different lengths and necklines, keeping one shorter than the other.

  • 3

    Select an Undershirt and Wear it

    Once you select the top layers, set it aside and find a matching undershirt. Keep the color and patterns of the top layer in mind and select the undershirt accordingly. Otherwise, you can select any other color in contrast that you think can go better with the top layers. Make sure that the length of your undershirt is smaller than the top layers – keep it over the belly button.  Now wear the selected undershirt over the Bralette and set it according to your ease to carry it.

  • 4

    Wear the Two Top Layers

    Now it is the time to put on the selected two top layers with different lengths. First, wear the longer tank top and adjust it. Put on the shorter top now so you can see the hem of the shorter one underneath. Go to the mirror of your room and set the tops properly. For a wonderful tank top layering, make sure that your the necklines of the tops should be separated by at least one to two-inch. Set both top layers until the desired stylish layered look.

  • 5


    Your layered Tank Tops are all set to go! Find a matching denim skirt, skinny jeans, leggings, skirt or any other bottom that you like to wear with your layered tank tops. Enjoy!

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