How to Use a Clothes Hanger

Clothes hangers may come off as a very simple device, but it sure has made closet a very safe place for ironed clothes in particular. We find ourselves in a rush all the time nowadays, since life has gotten so busy and there is too much to do in too little time. Taking out clothes and ironing them in such circumstances can be really cumbersome, which is why it is best to do the ironing when one has free time at hand. Ironing will become useless and wrinkles will return if the clothes are folded before being put back in the closet. This is where the hanger comes to the rescue. Shaped like a human shoulder, the device keeps the ironed clothes and jackets wrinkle free in the closet.


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    The first thing that you need to do is to iron whatever pieces of clothing you want hang on a hanger. Take necessary precaution while ironing your clothes. Wait until they are dry before bringing them to the ironing board. Different fabrics need to be ironed differently, with the likes of silk and satin requiring immense amount of care in order to keep them from getting ruined.

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    Once you are done ironing the hanger, get ready to hang them on a hanger. If it is a button-down shirt, unbutton the top two to three buttons and slide one end of the hanger into the right shoulder and sleeve through the neck opening.

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    Slide the other end of the hanger into the left shoulder and sleeve.

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    Once you have slid both the ends of the hanger through the respective neck opening of the shirt, button down the two to three buttons that you had unbuttoned and hang the hanger in the closet.

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    If you want to hang a shirt, upper or jacket with a zip on it, handle it the same way as you handled the button-down shirt, though this time slide the zip down to first slide the right end of the hanger into the right shoulder and sleeve of the shirt or jacket and then slide the other end of the hanger into the left shoulder and sleeve, through the neck opening of course. Do not forget to zip the shirt, upper or jacket back up after you have slide the hanger through both the shoulders and sleeves.

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