How to Prevent Permanent Sleep Lines

Sleep lines or sleep wrinkles as it is often referred to happen when you are sleeping and wake up with creases on your face and body from the pillowcase or sheets that you use in your bed. Most of us have had this happen at one time or another. However, most of the time these lines or creases slowly go away after a few hours, the crucial point is to not allow these type of wrinkles to happen every day as they can slowly become permanent sleep lines. There are simple ways that you can use to prevent permanent sleep lines and enjoy a good night sleep without having to worry about waking up with creases all over your face and body.


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    Avoid Sleeping on Your Side or Face:

    If you suffer from sleep lines on a regular basis it is important that you avoid sleeping on your side or face. This will help keep your head and face from putting pressure up against the pillow and causing sleep lines or wrinkles all night while you sleep. Try sleeping on your back if possible. If you use one pillow then you can try to use two which will help force you to sleep on your back.

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    Use a Different Pillowcase:

    It is important to change your pillowcase and use one that is made from satin. Try avoiding pillowcases that are made from polyester and cotton. Make sure to that your pillowcase fits your pillow tight to avoid bunching up and making ridges that can create lines on your face while you sleep.

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    Drink Plenty of Water:

    By drinking plenty of water your skin will remain moisturised while you sleep and prevent lines from forming. Maintaining proper hydration is important as your skin will become slightly plump and not allow any sleep lines or wrinkles from happening.

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    Use a Moisturiser:

    Before sleeping it is a good idea to use a moisturiser on your skin to help eliminate the chances of getting sleep wrinkles and lines. This is especially useful on the face and neck as most of the pressure is located in this area if you sleep on your side. Moisturising your skin at night is an excellent way of reducing the effects of lines and wrinkles that form during sleep.

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    Use a Specialised Pillow:

    There are many new types of pillows that put less pressure on your face and head while you sleep. Using one of these special types of pillows can greatly reduce the amount of sleep lines or wrinkles you wake up with in the morning.

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