How to Have Your Own Style As a Girl

Everybody has their own style, people like it, adore and sometimes copy it. If you want to be stylish, come up with totally different ideas and make yourself look prominent in a crowd. Be creative in whatever you do, you work, your style of talking, dressing and accessorizing yourself. Accessories are the one of the best thing to complete your outfit. Be different and be a style statement. Never let others ruin your image, try to make them understand whatever you do is variant and trendy yet stylish. Your style must have the touch of your personality, and the things you carry with you enhances it.


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    If you like style of any celebrity, do not replicate in your style. Try to do something new with it, originate variety from the stuff you daily look around you. Never say things that someone else had said before, first change it according to your style and then let others know what you think about it.

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    Wear dresses that look good on you, and then add some tinge in your clothes by designing them in your own style. Do not buy ready to wear clothes, if you like a dress try making a one with same techniques but in a bit different style. Use the material in which you feel comfortable.

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    Play with colours because they illuminate your appearance and make you looks more beautiful. If you are wearing a black T-shirt then go for a sharp coloured jeans or trousers with it. Everyone can do this but make a scarf or any accessory of your own to go with it and your other dresses. It will help others remember what your style is.

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    Keep in mind to embellish yourselves by wearing some light jewellery or accessories. There a lot of things to opt from them, but be specific in your choice. If you like wearing watches then show clearly if you want to include strap watches or metal watches in your style. If you like wearing shoes instead of high heels, then make certain things to stick or pin it on your shoes like a tag of your style.

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    Make your style of communicating with people, if you have a low profile then keep it remain calm as it makes you look elegant. If you are loud then be happy and try to cheer every one up, people surely will love to be with you.

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