How to Look Pretty

William Shakespeare very rightly said One beautiful heart is equal to thousand beautiful faces. So better choose good heart rather than beautiful faces.’

Even though hardly anyone believes and follows it now, but those who are wise and know the importance of character than appearance, do look out for people who are not pretty, rather are beautiful.

Looking pretty at any stage of your life stems from one’s very early childhood and is heavily backed by the brought up of the parents. The confidence that your family builds in you shows through the years that you live on.

For not only looking, but being pretty actually, requires a highly positive attitude, not only about yourself, but everything. The way charity begins from home, in the same manner being pretty and beautiful begins from within you. Being yourself is the only way to eternal beauty.

However, there is a difference between having the confidence and ‘pretending that you have confidence’. The latter comes around when you are self obsessed and in love with yourself blowing all proportions.

Bear in mind that all your efforts for looking pretty will go in vain if you do not work on your inner beauty, it not only radiates your face, but brings an honesty in your eyes too.


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    Keep a check on your regular hygiene, skin, teeth, hair, nails and daily shower. A lot of people have skin problems, primarily acne. Hard as the truth sounds, but it is not possible to get a magic wand and get rid of them, as even if the acne goes, the marks still stay back as the reminder for quite a while. For that, eat healthy. Make sure that your main meal portions include vegetables and fresh fruits. Even an acne free face that has no glow and radiance, does not look the least bit pretty.

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    One of the highlights about you is your hair, they speak volumes and for that very reason you have to take care of them. Brush them very frequently, oil and wash them regularly. Get a haircut that suits your features and enhances your personality.

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    You just cannot rule out exercise from your routine to look pretty. It plays an instrumental role.

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    The killer step in order to look pretty is to get enough sleep, it works wonders. Regular sleeping patterns will cut down your effort on taking care of your skin.

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    Drinking water is crucial in looking appealing, it clears your skin and makes it radiant.

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    Last but not the least, your natural smile will make every day yours so do not forget to do that.

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